Confidence, Motivation, Procrastination & Low Self-Esteem

Many people, in all walks of life, experience times of low confidence amd low self-esteem. This may further result in a loss of motivation, always seeming to put things off, shyness or just not living the life they really want. People sometimes avoid opportunities, due to a fear of failure and sabotage themselves by sticking to what they mistakenly know, as safe non-engaging behaviour. Low confidence can be a complex issue and may occur for a number of reasons.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) offers a clear and effective means by which to tackle the important role of thoughts and behaviour which may underpin your issues with confidence, motivation and procrastination. Through this process you will be able to gain clearer insight into your own mind mechanisms and learn to objectify your individual beliefs and what drives certain behaviours and emotional states. You will learn new thinking strategies and skills that can help you feel more confident and accepting of your fallible self and work towards a more realistic and healthy mindset.


Treatment may comprise of conversational and belief change work, direct psychological education, behavioural and homework based tasks. Mindfulness training and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy may also be utilised to enhance your new skills through a highly experiential means.