Anger and Irritability

Anger is a common emotional problem. Anger can lead to a high rate of irritability and flashes of bad temper, which may prove destructive to your own health, those around you and an overall quality of life.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy offers a clear and effective means in which to manage anger by tackling the important role of thoughts and behaviour which maintain and underpin the way you feel emotionally. Through this process you will be able to gain better control of your reactions to your personal triggers and master skills that can help you feel less angry, less often. You will learn to express yourself in a way that is both assertive and healthy rather than upsetting those around you.  You will learn how to tolerate and transcend the impulses in your body.


Treatment may comprise of conversational and belief change work, direct psychological education, behavioural and homework based tasks. Mindfulness training and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy may also be utilised to enhance your new skills through a highly experiential means, often using eyes closed imagery work to practice imagined scenarios of coping in more skillful and compassionate ways.