"As well as being an influential therapist and trainer, Jamie is also a skilled and successful scholar and academic. Jamie excelled when studying on our Masters ‘Studies in Mindfulness' Programme. Always thought provoking and critically analytical, Jamie's writing is unique!"


Dr David McMurtry, Programme Director, MSc in Studies in Mindfulness, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. 




"I contacted Jamie after coming across details of his Mindfulness Meditation Programme online.

After a particularly difficult period of having high anxiety I decided  to empower myself to cope in a more positive, effectual way with the challenges presenting themselves in my life.  Initially I met with Jamie on a one to one basis for an assessment before beginning the course.  I felt very comfortable in the surroundings and with Jamie's company. He immediately put me at ease. Since attending the eight-week course I have noticed a real shift in my thinking and thought processes. The course was well structured and the resources we were given each week enlightening and helpful. I enjoyed listening,  sharing thoughts and being part of the group and the active participation discussing philosophy and our personal experiences. I have learnt a lot from your teachings.  You have opened my eyes to a new way of being. 

I would like to express my gratitude to you for helping me on my personal development journey.  May you be well, may you be happy, comfortable and at peace! Thank you" - Cinnamon (January 2020)



"I found Jamie's approach and methods to be very helpful in dealing with my anxiety.  He suggested a variety of strategies which were very effective while we were working together and continue to be so. Our sessions were conducted over the telephone which worked brilliantly for me." Margaret (Dec 2019) 1-1 TELEPHONE THERAPY CLIENT


"Having just finished my last session with Jamie, I honestly can't say thank you enough for all he has taught me over the past six months.  Having been very sceptical about therapy before, I can honestly say it has changed my life.  I am excited for my future and using all the tools I have learnt in therapy to help me cope and be the very best version of myself." Becky (August 2019)


"I know it’s been a while since I last saw you but I wanted to say thank you again for all your expertise and kindness. I was talking to someone recently about therapists and that we often rely on others to help us on our path. I said that without doubt you were the person who has helped me the most to turn things around in my life and to break many of my negative loops/cycles. 

I always recommend you." Andy (June 2019)


"I have suffered with Flight Phobia since I was a young girl. 

I have been lucky enough to travel to some incredible places, determined not to let my fear stop me, but not without intense anxiety. Over the past couple of years my anxiety has been getting increasingly worse. I found myself putting off short trips to avoid short flights. Over the past two months I have had regular hypnotherapy sessions with the amazing @jamieshavdia. For the first time since I can remember, I did not need reassurance from either my partner or the flight crew. I actually enjoyed the landing and even managed to relax at certain points. I wouldn’t say I am over my ‘phobia’, I could definitely feel the anxiety and a couple of panicky moments, but the difference was amazing. I was much calmer, no tears and no hand holding required 🙌🏽Determination and the genius that is Jamie Shavdia has made such a huge difference. If you have anything getting in your way, I can’t recommend him enough.   Rianna - An Instagram Post - from February 2019


"I am really happy with how my hypnotherapy is going, after my initial consultation and first session my habits had reduced by 90%. I was completely shocked and so happy as these habits have been with me for life and have with stood every other attempt at being broken. So glad I finally came across Jamie and would recommend him to anyone." Isabelle - habit breaking - (January 2018)


"Thank you for the work you did with me. CBT really resonated with me where psychodynamic hadn't and you helped me loads in only a few sessions". 

Dina " (March 2017) - email following a course of CBT sessions


"Hi Jamie

Just thought I'd let you know that I did my presentation a few weekends ago and I'm pleased to say it went well.  I was nervous during the presentation but to my surprise my heart rate wasn't a problem which I thought it would be.  My voice was a bit wobbly at the end of some of the words, I recognised it and just carried on like everything was fine.   I got good feedback from the organisers, this is what they said on an email:  "Thank you once again for coming along to help contribute to our day. I can't believe you were at all nervous - you were a star! You are obviously a very bright spark and you came across very very well as a speaker - calm, well paced, good references and you fielded questions well etc." So a big thank you to you for all the help and advice.  Both the CBT sessions and the mindfulness course helped a huge amount, I don't think I could have done it without all that.  

Best wishes Rina " (April 2015) Presentation/Performance Anxiety client - email following a course of CBT/Mindfulness/Hypnotherapy sessions



"Jamie has given me new ways of seeing and understanding. He has helped such a lot, yet at the same time I've always felt that we are working together.  He has compassion as well as expertise. That sense of collaboration has been very therapeutic.  I'm wholehearted about recommending Jamie to others. (Joanne - December 2014)


"I went to see Jamie because of my anxiety, depression, lack of direction and confidence in my life. He tailor made the sessions for me, ranging from hypnotherapy, CBT and Life Coaching, depending on what I needed for that specific time. He gave me the tools to help myself and be my own therapist. Seeing Jamie truly changed my life, I highly recommend his services. I feel so happy, free, balanced and the most content I've ever been in my life. It's so lovely to truly live and no longer be limited by my own fears and anxieties. Thank you Jamie, I'm ever so grateful for your help."   (Tea, 2009)


The following testimonials are from post counselling and follow-up assessment forms: 


“I have gained new skills for life with the whole experience and feel far less vulnerable to relapse.  Now my outlook has changed it's hard to remember what it was like before therapy started”. (UCL - University student)


“Rather cynically I went to see Jamie to give up smoking, after hearing about his practice from a friend.  The treatment was two years ago now and I have never smoked since and I only saw him the once!” (Jessica - Hypnotherapy client)


“Counselling has helped me with my life in general as well as learning how to see things from a much more healthy perspective.  I have learnt a lot about myself and how to deal with my emotions.  A very positive experience.” (Ellie)


“I came to therapy for help with a train phobia which has now disappeared.  I can’t believe I can now go to work again like a normal person.  The strange thing is that I learnt a lot more about myself than I expected.  It wasn’t just about the trains”. (Debbie)


“I was at one point considering giving up university but thanks to receiving CBT my situation has improved tremendously.  I would recommend anyone to go to counselling, I really think it helps a lot.  Thanks so much!” (London Metropolitan University student)


Email received following a corporate workshop training day on overcoming public speaking anxiety:


"I wanted to let you know that in October I took on several ‘public speaking’ tasks: moderating 2 panels and conducting a one-to-one headline interview and providing a 25-minute presentation to an industry event attended by 400 delegates in New York. Your course was a really big help for me in preparing and delivering these events and in managing my anxiety levels.  I feel that I now have a healthier frame of reference for dealing with them and some practical mechanisms for managing my emotions around them. Thanks again.  (Frank, Journalist)


Mindfulness Meditation Group Participants Testimonials:


‘Having just completed Jamie’s 8 Week Mindfulness Course for the second time, I can’t recommend it highly enough. The first time on the course introduced me to the principles of meditation, supported by CBT approaches, giving me resilience and resources for dealing with a stressful transition period in my life. It also left me with an intense curiosity about what it would be like to attend the group with a bit more understanding of the material (and less trepidation!).

Second time around was even better than the first, helping me cement my understandings and relax into the group, benefitting even more from  working with those at the start of their journey. I was also able to see more areas where the practices would feature in not just my personal life but my work also. I might even go for a third run!’ Adam (Project Manager, Colchester) Dec 2018.


"I attended a Mindfulness Meditation course as well as having about six 1:1 sessions with Jamie, and I have found the whole experience invaluable.  I have not suffered a serious plunge into depression since, and when difficult situations arise I feel better equipped to deal with them - I am generally happier, more resilient and less anxious".  Claire - Colchester cohort, Nov 2017).


"During my childhood I was exposed to Buddhist teachings because of the regular contact with  Buddhist monks who would visit my parents home in Birmingham. I would highly recommend Jamie's lessons in Mindfulness Meditation, Jamie explains life's many challenges, which has allowed me too find the answer I have been looking for, by showing me a path, all I have to do is clear my mind and walk that path of mindfulness and compassion. I have enjoyed x2 8-week Mindfulness Meditation Group's sessions with him in 2015  and again in Nov 2017.  I have learned more about myself and others, as well as how to live in each present moment with Metta. Thank you Jamie".  Bhim - Colchester cohort  (Nov 2017)


"Dear Jamie, I know it has been a while, but I have wanted to contact you for some time, to express my gratitude for your help and support at a really difficult time in my life. Mindfulness has changed my life, literally. It has really helped me in all aspects of my life and I am so much happier! I wake every day and say thank you as my feet touch the floor - a great way to start the day! 

I use the meditations and thinking about three things that I am grateful for morning and night. I never have any trouble acknowledging the many things that I have to be grateful for. I have shared these techniques with others, who have said that it has really helped them too.

I feel really well! When the nagging voice of fear and doubt starts creating stories, I am able to recognise what is happening and stop my mind turning fiction into fact into fear. 

I try to accept what happens and opportunities that come my way. I recognise that when I try to force something and it doesn't happen, there is a reason. It is not meant to be...

I have faith. I accept that what will be, will be.  Acknowledge, Accept, Allow - words to live by.

You taught me so much, really important life skills. Thank you!

May you be happy

May you be well

May you experience joy

May no more harm or suffering come to you

Best wishes 😊

Jackie x"

(Jackie - an email received recently after many years following group participation)


"I've been learning meditation in a group for the last 8 weeks with the lovely Jamie, who I just want to put in my pocket and take with me everywhere. He's inspiring, wise, down to earth, and smiley!

So today I said goodbye to some of the loveliest people I've ever met. I hope our paths cross again. It's the start of a spiritual awakening for me. About time. Thank you"

(Penaran - London cohort ending June 2016)



"Many thanks for such an insightful and varied Next Steps/Advanced course! Jamie's astounding knowledge and understanding of how to embed a simple mindfulness practice into our daily lives was attentively delivered over the 6 week course; successfully deepening our practice. It really helped to consolidate our prior learning on the beginners course - which left us wanting more!, challenged us with a range of new dynamic practices such as tuning our chakras through sound! and empowered us to be truly independent in creating our own self-tailored daily practice from the extensive range of resources layered on each week.  The sessions remained to be well structured and focused, members clearly benefited from the communal aspects of the sessions as well as deeper meditation and Jamie always ensured a safe and intimate space was maintained to enable us to share personal experiences. Jamie is very passionate and is very responsive to the needs of the group, expertly awakening the Buddha within us, I personally look forward to new opportunities Jamie has to offer in the future to continue to build on the solid foundations of self-awareness and mediation.  Best wishes, Liana"

(Liana - London - Advanced 'Next Steps in Mindfulness' course participant ending May 2016)


"I want to thank you for the past 6 weeks advanced course - doing all the different meditations has brought me to experience a felt sense of my body.  I now have a felt awareness of my energy and I experience so many moments now of pure harmony with the mind and body connection and I love it and want more. You are a great teacher, you embody what you are putting across.  Thank you."

(Claire - London - Advanced 'Next Steps in Mindfulness' course participant ending May 2016)


"Thank you so much for your classes, they've taught me so much that I'm pretty sure I will take it all with me for the rest of my life. Eight weeks ago I was terrified to go on the tube alone but now I fly home to my family who live abroad without any panic and any boredom, it's truly amazing."

(Lisa - London cohort ending December 2015)


"I thoroughly enjoyed Jamie’s 8 week mindfulness course. It gave me practical ways of dealing with long standing issues like anxiety, low mood and energy/motivation levels since my move to London. Elements of Vipassana meditation helped me connect with the here-and-now while elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) helped me become aware of my own thoughts and emotions. With the daily meditation practice, I live more and more in the moment and enjoy it while it lasts! As for Jamie, he has excellent facilitation skills; he actively listens and brings the group energy together with philosophy, discussions, sharing real life experiences and group work. A much recommended course if you want to improve the quality of your life."

(Vikram, Engineer - London cohort ending July 2015)


"Jamie's mindfulness class really improved my life.  I had just moved to London and was struggling with everything -- moving to a new city, finding a new career, managing parenthood for the first time.  Everything just felt really hard and exhausting all of the sudden, and I was constantly attacking myself with endless self-criticism and "status anxiety."  A friend recommended Jamie's group, and it was just what I needed -- a way to accept myself and my situation, and the tools to move forward.  I particularly loved the group format; every week, hearing how a dozen other Londoners were struggling with the same issues made me feel much less alone.  I highly recommend the class!" (Alanna - June 2015)


"A massive thanks to Jamie and his wonderful meditation course. When I first joined I was having panic attacks and low mood.  After only a few sessions I was able to cope with them and they went away! Thanks to his way in dealing with the problems we all experience during our life, I was able to change my attitudes, and on top of that I even found a very good job as my confidence level was higher. I really recommend this set of classes.  It's one of the best life choices I ever made"

(Letizia - May 2015)


"I found the mindfulness course incredibly valuable. There are so many things I have picked up which I can incorporate in my every day life and which will help me address negative, limiting ways of thinking. I got so much out of it and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to make positive changes to their mental wellbeing" (Jaimee - London Cohort ending March 2015)


"After struggling with other forms of meditation this one immediately made sense" (GP referral - Depression sufferer)


"I have gained a deeper understanding of myself and my thoughts, this is something that will stay with me throughout my life"     (Postgraduate student)


"I feel more in control and less afraid of the future..I've also found a spiritual aspect to my life which I didn't expect"      (PhD student)


"Excellent course and teacher...life changing...such calmness" (Carer)


"Mindfulness has given me a new outlook on life, shown me how to gain control and to see the beauty and complexity of the world, and all that's in it.  Jamie is a great teacher! " Nic - 20/3/14


"Mindfulness has changed my life.  It has helped me immensely.  Jamie was a fantastic teacher.  Thank you" -  Client - 20/3/14



"The mindfulness course has had a superb effect in my life - freeing me in so many ways.  I will continue to practice. Thank you Jamie." - Client - 20/3/14